Remote Starter System Packages - Offer Ends: 2018/11/30


Drone Remote Starter

(No remotes)

Drone Mobile is one of the most popular options as cellphone and vehicle connectivity has been greatly improved in recent years, gaining a lot of momentum in the market. You can Start/Stop/Lock and Unlock your vehicle from virtually anywhere as long as you have an internet connection through Wifi or Data. This unit has GPS tracking capabilities which can be a good option for those using their vehicle for business purposes or family members. The most important factor to remember is that this unit requires an annual subscription which is payable online and the customer can choose between Monthly/Annual/2-Year & 3-Year Packages.


1 Way System with 2-Remotes

(Up to 3,000ft of range )

This is our one-way system, and what this means for those who are unfamiliar with starter jargon is that the signal goes in 1 direction only. The range on these remotes is approximately 3000ft, which will vary depending on the obstacles between the user and the vehicle. This system is great for those who are not overly concerned with knowing if the signal made it all the way through or not, or those who can verify by checking their parking lights to determine if it's running.


2-Way System with 2-Remotes

(1-Way companion remote)

This is our two-way system, the difference between this option and the one listed above as you can see is that the 1- of the remotes is equipped with Blue LED lights and a bell. This system will send a signal to the vehicle requesting the remote start, and once the vehicle completes that command it will send a signal back to the remote lighting up the LED’s and ringing the bell to confirm that the vehicle is now warming up! The range on this system is also 3,000ft and is a perfect option for those that want to get the most out of their product by allowing more flexibility to the remote starter
  • Drone Remote Starter$599*(No remotes)
  • 1-Way System with 2 remotes$450*(Up to 3,000 ft. of range)
  • 2-Way System with 2-Remotes$525*(1-Way companion remotes)

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