Mazda Connect

As automotive companies continue to bring modern amenities to every one of their models, how can these new technologies make the driving experience better? When it comes to Mazda, they are furthering convenient and entertaining driving with the use of their Mazda Connect system. So what is Mazda Connect? In this article by Pfaff Mazda and our London dealership, we will discuss this next generation car connectivity system that makes it home in our latest and greatest models.

Connected Services

This innovative infotainment uses the brand’s cutting-edge technology to provide the user with a direct and immediate connection to communication, entertainment, and navigation services through the car and your phone. Connect your smartphone to Mazda Connect with the use of Apple CarPlay™ or Android Auto™, and gain access to all of your favourite apps in the process!


Communicate to your loved ones in an instant by using voice commands, commander knob, or touch screen, to activate Mazda Connect and link to your smartphone, to make and receive calls. You can also download, display, and listen as your car reads out your incoming text messages, as well as sync your social media accounts directly to the Mazda’s infotainment screen.


Once your smartphone has been synced to your new Mazda’s system, easily access and organize your favourite apps and entertainment content, so you can listen to what you want, when you want. BluetoothⓇ Audio, Aha™ Radio, Stitcher™ Radio, and SiriusXM Satellite Radio are all available through this system, making sure every ride is filled with the content you love.


Whether you are driving a familiar commute, or on a road you’ve never been before, you can quickly access the navigation functions through Mazda Connect to safely and accurately get to where you need to go! 2D and 3D perspectives are available on the maps, with on-screen speed limits, and advanced notice of upcoming exits and directions, so you’ll never feel lost again!

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Mazda Connect is an exciting new way to access your smartphone and connect to your innovative new Mazda to create a capable and compatible ride. Your demands are always fulfilled as this system grants you access to everything you need. Visit us at Pfaff Mazda, and our local London dealership at 2340 AutoMall Avenue, to test drive a Mazda model possessing this cutting-edge technology today.

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