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With the ever increasing passion and interest for SUVs sweeping across North America, Mazda has taken the time to create a refreshingly new outlook on their lineup, with the 2019 Mazda CX-3. London residents that are looking to obtain this gleaming jewel in the Sports Utility Vehicle division, should consider visiting Pfaff Mazda for the latest model, at a great price for you.


Daring Design

Taut, muscular lines are met with artistically moulded features sculpted to create a dashingly elegant yet sportsline design. With a refreshed front grille and rear lights, this SUV exudes sleek, strong, and capable.


The exterior isn’t the only thing that has been boldly redesigned. The interior of the CX-3 has gained more features in this year’s model, as a centre console with cup holders, and rear seat centre console have been newly added. On top of that, the cabin now offers a stylish new instrument panel for the driver’s benefit.


Precise Handling

Obtain precision on any road surface when you drive the CX-3, thanks to the i-ACTIV AWD, as this innovative system can monitor driving conditions 200 times per second thanks to the use of 27 sensors placed throughout the vehicle.


Receive more than just expert handling capabilities, as the i-ACTIV AWD also provides this SUV with excellent fuel economy. The system can minimize drivetrain energy loss while ensuring optimal distribution of torque to make sure the vehicle uses fuel to power the all-wheel drive only when it is necessary.


Superior Safety

On top of the i-ACTIV AWD, this SUV makes the safety of its passengers a priority with a full roster of active and passive features. State-of-the-art radar and laser technology can offer you a better sense of your surroundings, while actively working to keep you safe in a multitude of road and traffic conditions. With the use of Forward Obstruction Warning, receive immediate alerts from the system as it can detect impending vehicles ahead, giving you the reaction time to execute evasive maneuvers.


A versatile cargo net is included in the trunk so you can keep your luggage and equipment secure in the back without worrying that a sharp turn could result in your items spilling out or going flying.


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The new and improved CX-3 could be yours to experience when London residents visit Pfaff Mazda to test drive and purchase this superior SUV this winter season.


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